• April 1967 The idea of Memorial Temple was conceived by the Late Rev. I. C. Mickins as he rode by the First Baptist Church in Deland, Florida, adjacent to Stetson University.
  •  February 1968 Memorial Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. was organized, at the home of Rev. and Mrs. I.C. Mickins, 5814 N.W. 18th Avenue, Rev. Mickins, Pastor-President, Mrs. Andel Mickins, secretary, and Deacon Boston Pasley, treasurer. Others in attendance: Deacon Boston Pasley, Earl Lemon, Pauline Lemon, Theodore Dorrell, Queen Dorrell, Isaiah Matthews, Mamie Bethune, and Mr. Seymour M. Roth.

Secured the tract of land at the Palmetto Expressway (N.W. 167 street and 44 th Court), and Mr. Roth made the tract of land available adjacent to the main tract. Acquisition of this land from him brought the proposed site up to 2 ½ acres. Rev. Mickins built the first unit, the chapel, on this land.

  • Summer 1968 The above tract of land was zoned for a church.
  • August 1968 Rev. and Mrs. Mickins mortgaged their home and other property to get the building financed and the Peoples First National Bank of Miami Shores issued a commitment for erection of the chapel. The church was built by Rev. Mickins and a staff of workers.
  •  February 1969 Started broadcasting Sunday Service live over radio station WMBM at 12 noon
  • March 1969 First worship service was held in a store front at 4114 N.W. 167th street on March 2nd. Membership grew to fifty.
  • June 1969 Moved into the new chapel, a colonial architecture structure at 16600 NW 44 th Ct on June 1st.
  •  July 1969 Dedication of the new building on July 13th.
  •  November 1969 Purchased two CBS houses in the rear of the church on N.W. 45th Avenue In the first year our membership grew to nearly 100, and Sunday School to 50 End of our first year we had five working auxiliaries. (Currently known as ministries)
  •  June 1974 We acquired 2 more acres south of the church.

  •  August 1984 Completed construction of the second phase of the building program with establishment of he Early Childhood Education Center. The Center was operated with a staff of six under the Director, Mrs. Andel W. Mickins.

During Pastor Mickins’ leadership, the membership grew, deacons were ordained, ministers were licensed and ordained, including Rev. Ellise Cox. He also met the needs of the membership and community by providing teaching/training through biblical studies, evangelism, workshops, and other services that strengthened the fellowship with Florida Memorial College (University) Some additional services included baptisms, baby dedications, marriages, and funerals. He served faithfully until his illness in June 1991

  •  June 1991 Rev. Ellise Cox accepted the leadership role for Memorial Temple during the illness of Pastor Mickins.
  •  June 1993 Pastor Mickins passed from labor to reward
  • October 1993 Rev. Ellise Cox was installed as pastor on October 10,1993. Under his leadership, the church continued to mature spiritually and improve financially.
  •  December 1999 We celebrated “burning of the church mortgage on Sunday, December 12, 1999.

 Over the span of approximately thirty plus years, Pastor Cox remained committed to God as he served in the leadership of Memorial Temple. This included working with various ministries to meet the needs of the church and community through biblical studies, worship services, baptisms, baby dedications, marriages, and funerals. He ordained more deacons, ministers were licensed and ordained, and new ministries were established.

  •  March 2022 Pastor Cox retired on March 31, 2022. At the same time, we were in the process of voting for an assistant pastor. Rev. Rod Johnson was the nominee with the most votes for assistant pastor, and he accepted the leadership assignment for our church
  •  April 2022 Rev. Rod Johnson was installed as Interim Pastor on Sunday, April 24th.
  •  December 2022 During the Annual Church Conference December 11, 2022, Rev. Rod Johnson accepted the church’s offer for him to serve as our pastor.
  • January 2023 On January 1, 2023, Rev. Rod Johnson began his official role as pastor of the church. Under his leadership, we’re continuing the vision that was started by the founding pastor.  This includes the building project, and meeting the needs of the people through teaching and training. Also, reestablishing an outreach to our community (local and abroad); and spreading the gospel in a spirit of love.

To reach out and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ for nurturing, equipping, and empowering the body of Christ for kingdom building.

To provide a Christ-Centered ministry that meets the needs of the community through worship, education, and family involvement in an atmosphere of love.